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Michael Fucilli,
Front-End Web Developer

As a freelance web designer and developer, skilled in HTML/CSS, PHP and WordPress, I enjoy the challenges of developing dynamic, content-driven websites. With over 7 years experience in the news, legal, and higher education industries, I craft well-organized, user-friendly websites that drive content engagement.


  • HTML5/CSS3

    Highly proficient with HTML5 & CSS3. Skilled at translating designs into pixel-perfect web spaces.

  • PHP

    Excellent knowledge of PHP. Delievers dynamic templates with minimal load times and improved performance.

  • jQuery

    Solid experience with jQuery. Adept at developing custom scripts for unique user interactions.

  • Bootstrap 4

    Expert knowledge of Bootstrap. Foundation on projects for its responsive grid and accessibility.

  • SEO & Analytics

    Solid working knowledge of best SEO practices and reliant upon Analtyics to drive best design choices.

  • WordPress

    Highly proficient and skilled with WordPress. Develops custom themes and efficient, manageable admin areas.


  • World Internships

    Providing internships abroad to build skills and gain relevant, global experience.

    • Web Design
    • Web Development
  • CISabroad

    Innovative study abroad education programs that broaden global perspectives.

    • Web Development
    • Database Design

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Ready to start your next project or take on a full-time developer? No matter the scope, let my years of experience help you craft a fantastic web space.